Vocabulary and Spelling words

 Semana diciembre del 10 al 14.

Vocabulary 12-10-2018

1-Relevant: Appropriate to the circumstance. Connected to what is being done. Something to do with the matter at hand.

Relevante: Apropiado a la circunstancia. Conectado a lo que se está haciendo. Algo que ver con el asunto en cuestión.

2-Summary: the main ideas with important details in a brief form.

Resumen: las ideas principales con detalles importantes en forma breve.

3-Procedural texts: These texts tell you how to do something. They explain how to complete a task, solve a problem or how to perform a procedure.

Textos de procedimientos: estos textos te dicen cómo hacer algo. Explican cómo completar una tarea, resolver un problema o cómo realizar un procedimiento.

4-Diagram: a drawing, a plan or chart that makes something clearer or easier to understand.

Diagrama: un dibujo, un plan o un gráfico que hace que algo sea más claro o más fácil de entender.

5-Headings: these are titles.

Encabezados: estos son títulos.

6-Steps: it tells you what to do in a procedural text.

Pasos: le indica qué hacer en un texto de procedimiento.

 Lectura y Arte Idioma 4 y 5 grado.

 leer un libro, escribir palabras desconocidas con su significado en su libreta. Estudiar vocabulario y palabras de ortografías

Week 8

1-Since                 Since you did not come, I left.

2-ever                   Have not you ever made a mistake?

3-friend                You are my friend

4-building            Bob is building a bridge

5-heard                Mother heard your voice.

6-across               She walks across the street.

7-however          They played however, she was sad.

8- happened      What happened is that he saw his toy.

9-whole               I want a whole pizza.

10-measure        What is the measure of your house.

11- early              I woke up early today.

12- reached        They reached their destination.

13-space              Make space for your brother.

14-toward           We walk toward the house.

15-himself           He himself made the cake.

16- carefully       Marilyn drove carefully.

17- vowel            A, B, C, are vowels.

18- hundred       I want one-hundred-dollar bill.

19- against          She hit her leg against the tree.

20-numeral         3, 4, 5 are numerals.


Tax, act, wrap, length, crept, mend, build, Split,

wrist, lock, fond, cross.

Plan, task, grams, shallow, pest, deaf, depth, edge, bill, thrill, twitch, guilt, jog, loss, shot, solve.

Vocabulary 12-3-2018

1-Informative text: Informative text: Its main objective is to give information about something, being exempt from double interpretations as figurative language, metaphors and similes.

Texto informativo: Tiene como objetivo principal dar información sobre algo, estando exento de dobles interpretaciones como lenguaje figurado, metáforas, símiles.

2-Topic: it the subject of the article or book.

Tema: es el tema del artículo o libro. De lo que se trata un artículo o libro.

3-Topic sentence: a sentence that expresses the main idea of the paragraph in which it occurs.

Oración principal: una oración que expresa la idea principal del párrafo en el que aparece.

4- Implied: it means that you have to infer it from details.

Implícito: significa que hay que inferirlo a partir de detalles.

5-Supporting detail: details to support the main idea. It could include example, facts, reasons and descriptions. Detalles de apoyo: detalles para apoyar la idea principal. Podría incluir ejemplo, hechos, razones y descripciones.


Week 7

1-later                   I will see you later.

2-enough            She drinks enough water.

3-watch                Children should not watch T.V.

4-really                 Johnny really like ice-cream.

5-almost              They are almost done.

6-above               What is above your head?

7-mountains       Faith can move mountains.

8-young               Teenagers are young people.

9-soon                  Soon we will see the king.

10-being              He is being smart.

11-leave               Today you are going to leave the country.

12-family             We are family.

13-body               We must take care of our body.

14-listen               Listen to your parents.

15-draw               She draws a doll.

16-question        Is this a question?

17-horse              The horse is in the stable.

18-compete       He competes for a cookie.

19-knew              She knew my father.

20-usually      My family usually goes to church.